About Us

S+ is created from Sun-Shing a manufacture which has 32 years of plastic molding experience, our team has developed TACC working pattern ✨Think ✨Act ✨Challenge ✨Conquer,which become a model that we follow.

Our product from S+ Straw Detachable straw, S+ Cutlery 5 in 1 Glass Fiber Cutlery Set to S+ Pure Eco cleanest bio-based ECOZEN® bottle made by our team, from material selection, design, production, assembling, and shipping we take it serious and do our best to complete each section.

We hope to light up the plastic and molding industry to let everyone know that plastic is actually Eco friendly it just depends on how you use it. Plastic forming temperature in average is about 200°C compare to steel 1000°C glass 2000°C is a lot more energy saving and carbon reduction.

S+ Product creation apart from its aesthetics design, we also value product practicality and its life. 「Aesthetic life, perpetual cycle」

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